By Vicky McDonald
September 10, 2016

When the weather turns cold, a hearty potato soup is the perfect meal to warm you up. It's pure and simple comfort food at its best. These top-rated recipes will get you though those dark wintry evenings, and make you feel warm inside.

Potatoes, cream, and bacon -- yes, please! According to JOSEPH C. PERO, "This is without a doubt the tastiest, most full-bodied, flavorful, creamed potato soup we have ever tasted."

Photo by Tricia

Some people say baked potatoes make the best potato soup. This recipe is a firm favorite on our site.

Photo by Dianne

This scrumptious slow cooker version takes just 15 minutes to put together, and you'll have piping hot soup ready and waiting when you come home from work.

Photo by Melody

Potato and leek is the ultimate feel-good soup. Make it look restaurant-quality with a drizzle of olive oil and some finely chopped chives on top.

Photo by naples34102

This solid 5-star recipe is loved by our home-cooks, and may even have special healing powers. Marianne65 says "this soup just cured a horrible cold I've been suffering with for four days! Best part about this is the simple ingredients, yet the taste is rich."

Photo by Sherri

This filling sausage and potato soup really is a meal in a bowl. Just add a little cheese, and dinner is served.

Photo by ilse's things

What makes it the world's best? According to MOLLERSANCHEZ, "the taste and texture are fabulous and preparation is very simple and quick."

This corn chowder, and cheesy potato soup has a little taste of all your favorites.

Photo by Molly


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