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When the world's finest athletes gather to compete in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the rest of us will be parked on the couch, binging on sports and snacks. But if you're looking to binge without the bulge, try these ideas for top-rated snacks that score big for flavor and are kinda/sorta healthy, too. They're also reasonably neat, so few crumbs fall between the cushions. Happy winter sports binge-watching!

No fancy equipment needed for the world's greatest popcorn, cooked old school-style on the stove top.

Neatness factor: 1 napkin, especially if everybody has their own bowl.

102330027 popcorn photo by Meredith
Photo via Meredith Publishing

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Three ingredients, minimal prep time, done in 20. That adds up to some super easy snacking. And, believe it or not, these crispy green chips taste really amazing, too.

Neatness factor: 2 napkins, because crunchy goodness can lead to bits of flying chip.

1011453-Baked-Kale-Chips-176957-bd.weld-640 edited
Photo by bd.weld

This one feeds the craving for something salty and spicy, but also delivers a protein punch you're not going to get from most snacks.

Neatness factor: 1 napkin for these crunchy gems that you'll eat by the handful.

Roasted chickpeas. Photo by larkspur
Roasted chickpeas. Photo by larkspur

Forget about hot oil splattering all over the kitchen, these satisfying chips provide the perfect excuse to dust off the neglected mandolin to slice spuds thinly. (A veggie peeler works, too.)

Neatness factor: 1 napkin, just to catch the random bits of sea salt.

102612779 chips
Photo via Meredith Publishing

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These take a little bit of time to crisp up in a low oven, so you might as well make a double batch because they're just so cinnamon-y good.

Neatness factor: 1 napkin, and you might not even need that for these beauties, though that could change if you served some gooey caramel sauce on the side for dipping.

102148089 apple chips photo by Meredith Publishing
Photo via Meredith Publishing

Make them in the morning so these juicy bites are ready for an evening of entertainment. A little bit of sugar adds a fun texture, but you can skip it if you want to stay extra good.

Neatness factor: 1 napkin, and that's only if you go the sugar-coated route.

We can't guarantee you won't need a workout, but at 186 calories per serving, maybe there's something to this claim. Surprise ingredients include tofu, coconut oil, and almond milk.

Neatness factor: 2 napkins, just because you know how cake is.

Here's a clever way to eat more fruit, scooping a colorful mixture onto a crunchy flour tortilla baked with cinnamon and little sugar. Which only proves that everything tastes better when it's served on a chip.

Neatness factor: 1 napkin, if you're a skilled chip dipper; 2 napkins, if you have trouble hitting the target.

829527 annie's fruit salasa with cinnamon chips photo by lutzflcat
Photo by lutzflcat

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