When we plan lunches for the week, we want three things. We want recipes that are easy to prep and put together (and easy to eat). We want them to be delicious, of course. And we want recipes that are healthy and on the light side, because it's no fun being weighed down in the afternoon after a heavy lunch. These recipes cover all the criteria, plus they offer loads of variety, so you'll never get bored out of your mind with lunches stuck on repeat. Add these easy healthy lunch recipes to your midday routine.

Our Best Healthy Lunch Ideas

1. Asian Chicken Salad in a Jar

Lunch salad recipes are super simple when you pre-make them in a jar. Layer veggies, shredded chicken, chow mein noodles, shredded romaine lettuce, and a creamy peanut-butter-based dressing for an easy lunch on the go. "This was incredible," says whittakelli. "For on the go, I think its a fantastic idea. A nice change from the normal chicken salad recipes."

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

2. Turkey Veggie Meatloaf Cups

Here's a terrific high-protein lunch that's still lean. "Very flavorful and moist," says CC Loves 2 Bake. "Pretty kid friendly too, and a good way to get some extra veggies in."

Photo by Rock_lobster

3. Amazingly Good and Healthy Tuna Salad

Serve this tuna, cranberries, apple, mayonnaise, green onion salad on a bed of fresh spinach or between two pieces of whole grain bread. "This was super easy and yummy," says SA Susan. "I chopped the spinach up and added it to the salad."

Photo by lutzflcat

4. Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling

FISHLOVE recommends that you "serve this tasty sandwich spread on crusty whole grain rolls or pita bread, with lettuce and tomato. Other raw, chopped vegetables can be substituted for the celery. Your favorite salad dressing can be substituted for the mayo." Or substitute vegan mayo to make a very satisfying vegan lunch.

Photo by CCLoves2Bake

5. Mexi-Chicken Avocado Cups

"No cooking required," says KyLeeAnn. "It's a quick, healthy, and delicious recipe guaranteed to make you feel and look good."

Photo by bd.weld

6. Tuna-Artichoke Salad

"Would give it ten stars if possible," raves DingDong64. "This is so quick and easy, takes no time at all, and presto! A very light, flavorful lunch."

Photo by lutzflcat

7. California Club Chicken Wraps

Here's a great healthy lunch idea for leftover cooked chicken. A simple homemade chipotle mayonnaise sauce gives it some kick. "Yum! This is not your average chicken wrap," says Jillian.

Photo by Molly

8. Leftover Salmon Lunch Wrap

Next time you grill or bake salmon, add some extra fillets for quick, healthy lunches. "I am currently eating clean so I needed a quick and healthy lunch recipe," says Amy. "This recipe is fresh and delicious and easily doubled for multiple people."

9. Layered "NorCal" Nicoise Salad

"I love a good Nicoise salad, and the potatoes, green beans, olives, tomatoes, and chopped egg are perfect for layering," says Chef John.

Photo by Chef John

10. Chef John's Fresh Spring Rolls

Watch Chef John make simple spring rolls filled with cooked chicken, fresh veggies, and herbs. "In this recipe, I'm showing a technique and you can fill the rolls with whatever you have on hand," says Chef John.

Need a sauce for that? Here you go.

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