By Vanessa Greaves
September 12, 2015

These super healthy dips are all vegan, high in fiber, and loaded with the good stuff so you can party like the healthy beast you are.

1) Cowboy Dip

"Family and friends request this in football season every year." —Debe

Photo by Debe

2) Spiced Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

"Delicious! It tastes just like the exact kind I get from Trader Joes, only better!" — MBKRH

Photo by larkspur

3) Baba Ghanoush

"I love this recipe, but I roasted my eggplant the way my Greek mother-in-law showed me..." Read TYEBUG's great tip for roasting eggplant.


4) Quick Black Bean Hummus

"Definitely a recipe to keep handy. It hints of Tex-Mex and seems more a healthier version of refried beans than hummus." — Buckwheat Queen

Photo by lutzflcat

5) Simply Guacamole

Just in case we forget how easy it is to eat healthy and still feel like we're totally indulging.

Photo by Dianne

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