In an ideal world, you'd have time in the morning to cook your kids a nutritious meal before sending them off to school. In the real world, you're doing great if you can get them to eat something on the run. Smart solution: Make a week's worth of good-for-you portable breakfast bites they can take and eat on the go. Give these kid-friendly recipes a try, and don't be surprised if they get the whole family to start eating healthier in the morning, too.

7 Fast and Smart Back-to-School Breakfasts

The ideas is to fill 'em up with protein and the right kinds of complex carbohydrates so their brains are ready for reading, writing, and 'rithmatic. As with any recipe, adjust the ingredients as needed to address food allergies and taste preferences.

Whole oats, blueberries, and yogurt take these muffins into the zone where delicious meets nutritious. Melanie2461 says she followed the recipe exactly and even her picky daughter loved them.

Oat and Blueberry Muffins
Photo by momrothman

Bake these versatile egg cups in cupcake liners to make them even easier to grab and go. Feel free to change up the ingredients or add more vegetables.

When Hannah Ulrich makes these, she wraps them individually so her family can grab them as they run off to school or work. She says they're even much heartier, filling, and delicious than any other granola bar out there, and she's saving money by making them instead of buying them. (Looking at you, college fund.)

Playgroup Granola Bars
Photo by Jake Torres

Kelly Fay likes that there's no added sugar aside from honey in the mix. She's a big fan of the flax and sunflower seeds, too. The bananas and peanut butter tend to make the bars soft and moist, so you might want to wrap them in parchment or waxed paper to make them easier to grab and go.

Blueberry Banana Breakfast Bars
Photo by lutzflcat

Christina Skywatcher uses a cookie scoop to streamline production. If you make a big batch you can store a week's worth in the fridge and freeze the rest for the following week. So smart.

No Bake Energy Balls
Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

If you're looking to cut out preservatives and additives, then these are for you. Packed full of oats and flax seeds, they're sweetened with honey and enriched with almond butter.

Clean Breakfast Cookies
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Didn't get around to making breakfast bars/cookies/muffins? No worries. Keep the fixings for these super-quick wraps on hand so you can pull them together on the fly. You can change them up by using whole wheat tortillas, alternative nut butters, and the fruit of your choice.

Emmi's Banana Wraps
Photo by Melissa Goff