By Kimberly Holland

A Golden Snitch snack bowl? Yes, please.

If you've ever dreamed of spending your holidays at Hogwarts, Pottery Barn is making a little magic for you just in time for the holidays and prime party season. The housewares brand just launched a new Harry Potter-themed home décor collection that features decorative items, like Golden Snitch String Lights and a Happy Christmas Garland, as well as cups, placemats, and plates.

Photo: Pottery Barn

Naturally, it's the items for the kitchen and entertaining that have us most excited — and eager to throw a magical fete. We have the House Crest Tumblers in our shopping cart right now. The set of four soda lime glass tumblers is decorated with crests from each of the four Hogwarts houses. Every member of the family can stake their claim to their house with one of the 10-ounce glasses. If you need to protect your furniture from rings, Pottery Barn even has House Crest Leather Coasters. Now if we could just get our "Accio wine bottle!" spells to work...

We also can't wait to get our hands on the Golden Snitch Snack Bowl. When not in use housing crisps or Bertie Bott's jelly beans (the bowl is food-safe and lead free), we might leave this out as a hideaway for tidbits like flying keys — or perhaps as an emergency spot to stash our wands. If you prefer to sort your snacks, the Sorting Hat Snack Server has four compartments to keep unruly Whizbees away from the Chocolate Frogs.

Photo: Pottery Barn

You can pre-order the entire Pottery Barn Harry Potter collection right now. Items will begin shipping in the next few weeks, just in time to check off a few special people on your holiday list.

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