We have some really delicious news for all the gummy candy fiends out there. German candy manufacturer Haribo of gummy bear fame is fixin' to do their candy-making thing stateside in the not-too-distant future.


Yesterday they announced that they will be building their first U.S factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and are aiming to open in 2020. Not to be all grade school about it, but YIPPEEE!!!


Now, we're not exactly sure if that will actually equate to easier access to gummy coca cola bottles and such, but nobody has told us it doesn't mean that. So, we'll just be over here stuffing our faces with gummy cherries in celebration of that possibility.

Haribo Happy Cherries | Photo by Candy Warehouse

By the way, anyone interested in a road trip to Kenosha sometime? Say, 2020-ish? Bring big suitcases, but pack light—something tells us this trip is going to be all about the souvenirs.