Baking season is upon us yet again, and it's time to roll up your sleeves and take out that festive apron. Whether you're baking for a cookie exchange party or just doing some fun Christmas baking with the kids, we've got you covered. These handy baking charts will help you figure out the right baking pans to use, quickly convert a recipe from metric, and potentially turn you into a pastry pro. So, before you begin, check out these charts, turn up the Christmas music, and enjoy some stress-free festive baking this year.

1. Don't have all the ingredients?

Don't worry, we've got the answers with this handy substitution chart. Stick it on the fridge and you'll never get caught out.

09b_baking substitutions_infographic
by Allrecipes

2. Confused about what baking pan to use?

This easy chart makes it easy to figure out what's the right baking pan for your recipe.


3. Trying to figure out how many cups are in a pint?

This clever chart quickly answers all your measurement questions. Print it out and stick it in on the cupboard.

Conversion_kitchen equivalents_Cheat_Sheet_03Final
by Allrecipes

4. Want to make your pie look fancy?

These easy tricks will help you look like a pastry pro.

PrettyYourPie Infographic
PrettyYourPie Infographic
| Credit: Allrecipes

5. Lattice-top pie dreams

Yes, you can! This infographic makes lattice-top pie as easy as pie.