By Leslie Kelly
January 22, 2017

Hang on, don't run out the door without breakfast. We've got just the thing for your busy morning: The hand pie. No forks needed for this pastry filled with fruit, or something savory. These grab-and-go treats are also known as turnovers, fried pies and Cornish pasties. Here are a few faves you really need to try. Because, you know... pie!

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

How about a gorgeous blast of antioxidants to get your day off to a good start? This recipe calls for frozen blueberries, so it's good to go all year long.

Photo by Valerie

A huge thanks to Southern cooks for figuring out a way to get pies to taste even better by plunging them in hot oil until crisp and golden. Using dried fruit in the filling bumps up the flavor intensity.

Fried Pinchy Pies | Photo by Baking Nana

Here's some hand pie trivia! Coal miners used to carry these hand-held meals in their shirt pockets to work underground because they were easy to access and eat and helped keep them warm. By the way, it's pronounced past-T, not paste-T.

Adorable hand pies | Photo by pelicangal

Get creative and come up with your own fillings, sweet or savory or a little bit of both.

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