Hand Pies Are Your New Favorite Grab-and-Go Breakfast

Hang on, don't run out the door without breakfast. We've got just the thing for your busy morning: The hand pie. No forks needed for this pastry filled with fruit, or something savory. These grab-and-go treats are also known as turnovers, fried pies and Cornish pasties. Here are a few faves you really need to try. Because, you know... pie!

Apple Hand Pies

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

Shelly Hospitality's Blueberry Turnover Hand Pies

How about a gorgeous blast of antioxidants to get your day off to a good start? This recipe calls for frozen blueberries, so it's good to go all year long.

Photo by Valerie.

Apricot and Peach Fried Pies

A huge thanks to Southern cooks for figuring out a way to get pies to taste even better by plunging them in hot oil until crisp and golden. Using dried fruit in the filling bumps up the flavor intensity.

874201_Fried Pinchy Pies Photo by Baking Nana
Fried Pinchy Pies | Photo by Baking Nana.

Cornish Pasty

Here's some hand pie trivia! Coal miners used to carry these hand-held meals in their shirt pockets to work underground because they were easy to access and eat and helped keep them warm. By the way, it's pronounced past-T, not paste-T.

Cornish Pasties. Photo by pelicangal
Adorable hand pies | Photo by pelicangal.

Fried Pie Pastry

Get creative and come up with your own fillings, sweet or savory or a little bit of both.

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