Ice cream lovers are a devoted bunch. Perhaps so devoted that they've needed to seek out some low-cal options for a more successful long-term strategy in the I'd-like-to-still-fit-into-my-jeans game. Ice cream makers have delivered on that need and enthusiastic customers have run with it (in some cases, in a kind of extreme way. One reporter for GQ redefined the elimination diet, eating only Halo Top—a low-cal, low-carb, high protein ice cream—for ten straight days!).

If you like to eat your ice cream with a side of ice cream, you'll be thrilled to hear this chill news: Breyers ice cream has come out with a low-cal line!

Breyer's Delights come in vanilla bean, chocolate, mint chip, and cookies & cream. | Image by Breyer's.

Breyer's Delights ice creams have just 310 calories and 7.5 grams of fat in the whole pint, and boast twenty grams of protein. Starting in August, you'll be able to get pints in four crowd-pleasing flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate, mint chip, and cookies & cream. (Mmm, mint chip…) And while many have given in to the temptation of the all-ice cream diet, we haven't found anyone who actually recommends it!

Or Make Your Own!