By Carl Hanson

Halloween isn't always sugary sweetness. Sometimes it's savory, sometimes severed (see Witches' Fingers), and occasionally creepy...but always scary good.

These Halloween dinner ideas and party food ideas are a total scream. We start off cautiously, with adorable Halloween appetizers and only slightly spooky Halloween main dishes. But WARNING: You will not be able to un-see some of these ghastly, ghastly dishes. They will haunt your dreams of dinner!

"This ghoulishly good cheese ball has become a part of our family's Halloween tradition," says LINNBENN. "It's as much fun to make as it is to eat."

Photo by Allrecipes

"Made this for my daughter's Halloween party," says krista1925. "It was a big hit! Not only was it 'creepy,' it was yummy."

Photo by Sugarplum

"What a FAB presentation -- my daughter flipped out over this clever idea," says Marsha.

"A great Halloween party snack for Halloween parties," says NomNomDelicious. "Very versatile and easy to personalize for your own tastes."

Photo by Denise Sakaki

"Yummy biscuit cups filled with spicy beef mixture and topped with Halloween pumpkin faces," says Grandmaluvlee.

Photo by Allrecipes

Halloween hot dogs are always a winning dinner idea for the kids. "Our whole family loved this cute idea," says mohawkblonde. "We floated ours in a sea of chili."

Another great Halloween dinner idea for the kids! Rock_lobster shares her Hot Dog Mummies haiku: "Gourmet food, it's not. But serve to younger diners? They'll scarf them down!"

Photo by Rock_lobster

A.k.a. the Devil's Dentures. Turn pearly whites into a dreadful fright. These Halloween teeth start with ripe red apples as the devil's lips, with slivered almonds as the frightening fangs. If you like, drizzle your disturbing dentures with El Droolo del Diablo, also known as "slightly thinned-out honey." Bonus: This spooky surprise doubles as a healthy Halloween snack.

Photo by KGora

"The bow-tie pasta is the bats and the stringy, gooey mozzarella cheese is the cobwebs," says Kristin McNeil.

Photo by Sugarplum

Tiny pizzas are the pinnacle of Halloween party treats. "Love!" raves happysoupandrice. "Kids had a great time making the dough and then decorating their own spooky designs."

Photo by happysoupandrice

"Love the technique," says Misty Campbell. "A huge hit at my Halloween dinner."

Photo by Jaana Smith Bauman

More Halloween pizza ideas! Easy to make, and so yummy. Save a slice for your mummy.

Photo by Allrecipes

Creepy, crawly, creepy-creepy, crawly-crawly! "Use crescent rolls and hot dogs to make this Halloween version of pigs in a blanket," says fabeverydayblog. "Kids love them, and they are an easy snack for a Halloween party."

Photo by fabeverydayblog

And in the not-for-the-squeamish category, here's some gross Halloween party food for adults. "Realistic, creepy, AND yummy," says Cammie. "Make it the day before your Halloween party so it has time to set."

Photo by pattyw67238

"So gross and yet SOOOooo good," says Tara. "Arrange crackers, pretzels, or any snacks you want around the face and serve with a knife!"

Photo by foodelicious

These creepy appetizers take the concept of Halloween fingerfood literally. They're actually yummy string-cheese sticks. You'll be deeply, deeply disturbed by how delicious they are.

Photo by Shearone

Too far? Or just far enough? Spooky Halloween food doesn't get more disturbing than this. Deliciously disturbing, that is. "Making the zombie was surprisingly easy," says eli3leg.

"These spooky little morsels will have everyone talking and doing double takes," says gopintos. "Looks can be deceiving; they taste absolutely delicious."

Photo by mis7up

Clearly a contender for most gross Halloween food. "What's better than gooey warm rat guts on Halloween? The layer of crushed French-fried onions resembles burnt fur," says Deborah. "When you slice it, the 'guts' should ooze out and make quite an impression."

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

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