Satisfy your sweet tooth and get spooky with these ultimate Halloween pairings.

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Halloween drinks, candy, and popcorn
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There are few things better than having the right snacks with your favorite movie. This year, Halloween at home is more fun than ever with these classic scary films and throwback themed candy. Pop some popcorn and grab your candy for the most spine-chilling, frightful movie night of the year.

Hocus Pocus and Good & Plenty

To accompany a kooky and witchy film, you need a kooky and witchy candy. These sweet capsules of black licorice coated in pink and white candy shells are better than a magic potion. That this candy is strangely delicious is one of the few things Thackery Binx and the the Sanderson sisters would agree on.

Stream it: Hocus Pocus, $7 (monthly subscription);

Buy it: Good & Plenty, $13;

The Addams Family (1991) and Red Vines

Remember when Wednesday stabs her plate of what looks like ground beef, but also looks a little like brains? These long snaky licorice ropes are perfect for snacking your brains out. Plus, if you're feeling extra goth, you can always order the black Red Vines.

Stream it: The Addams Family (1991), $2;

Buy it: Red Vines, $27;

Casper and Reese's White Peanut Butter Ghosts

This family-friendly flick is a lighthearted ghostly sci-fi adventure meets a sweet romance. Evoke nineties Christina Ricci and relive your tween love for the dreamy ghost boy named Casper while indulging in this creamy peanut butter candy coated in sweet white cream.

Stream it: Casper, $2;

Buy it: Reese's White Peanut Butter Ghosts, $4;

The Witches (1990) and Snickers

This delightfully frightening tale originally penned by Roald Dahl presents an assemblage of witches whose snickers can bring a shiver to any small boy's soul. Join in on the cackles with your very own Snickers, a milk chocolate bar stuffed with peanuts.

Stream it: The Witches, $9 (monthly subscription);

Buy it: Snickers, $4;

Scream and Butterfinger

People are always dropping things in horror films — the phone, the popcorn, even the weapon. Embrace the clumsiness in Scream, the classic, clever slasher film that opened the gate to smart horror films by ordering up some Butterfinger, the crunchy peanut and chocolate delight.

Stream it: Scream, $9 (monthly subscription);

Buy it: Butterfinger, $4;

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Nerds

Harry Potter may be the ultimate in nerd-chic, but Nerds were the ultimate nineties sugar candy — and they're still around to delight us with their dual flavor boxes. These bumpy little flavor rockets are the perfect complement to the nerdiest crew of the wizarding world.

Stream it: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, $4;

Buy it: Nerds, $18;

Beetlejuice and Sour Patch Kids

What's loud, obnoxious, fun and, ultimately a bit too much? Beetlejuice — and Sour Patch Kids. Say his name three times and snack on these sour gummies that will make your hair stand on end like the bio-exorcist himself. Just watch out for the sand worms!

Stream it: Beetlejuice, $4;

Buy it: Sour Patch Kids, $19;

Coraline and Junior Mints

The spookiest feature in this spellbinding stop-motion film is the black button eyes that the "other mother" wears. Beloved Junior Mints, flat black chocolate buttons filled with creamy mint, mirror those creepiest of eyes in this compelling film based on the creative story by Neil Gaiman.

Stream it: Coraline, $6 (monthly subscription);

Buy it: Junior Mints, $1,

Ghostbusters and Haribo Gummy Frogs

These Haribo gummy frogs are as sweet and slimy as Slimer, the ghostly goo creature who becomes trapped by the Ghosbusters team. Haribo's high-quality gummies are a classic, and a bowl of these next to your popcorn is sure to be gobbled up by evening's end. Need even more sweets? Break out a bag of marshmallows during the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man scene.

Stream it: Ghostbusters, $4;

Buy it: Haribo Gummy Frogs, $24;

The Craft and Kit Kat Halloween Witches Brew

No matter how cool you are, you're never too cool for the satisfying crunch of a Kit Kat. Don your babydoll tee and choker necklace for this Mean Girls-meets-The Witches of Eastwick romp through high school in the nineties. And don't forget to share your Kit Kat with the new girl.

Stream it: The Craft, $4;

Buy it: Kit Kat Halloween Witches Brew, $4;

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