You may need your costume to get some of these.

Witch Hat and Pumpkin Cupcakes
Credit: hsyncoban/Getty Images

If it's any small consolation to you or your kids, the good news about Halloween 2020 is that there are a handful of restaurants and fast-food chains out there who can help you get in the trick-or-treating spirit by offering free food to those who show up on Halloween decked out in costumes. Here's a list of what we've seen to help you plan out the ultimate route this October 31. 

Krispy Kreme

While you'd think doughnuts are usually best enjoyed well before the sun goes down, that won't stop places like Krispy Kreme and Tim Hortons from hooking up costumed customers with a sweet deal. Krispy Kreme has been doing deals on Halloween-themed doughnuts every Saturday in October, but obviously Halloween itself will take things to another level. Anyone who shows up in costume on the 31st will get a free doughnut, letting you choose from the likes of the Frank, Drake, and Wolfie Monster doughnuts.

Tim Hortons

If you're Canadian or would rather just stay in your car, Tim Hortons is doing a free doughnut giveaway for anyone who rolls up to their drive-thrus in costume. 

Steak 'n Shake

You don't have to love doughnuts to get some of these deals, either. If you want to stop by Steak ‘n Shake, kids 12 and under who show up in costume can get their choice of free shake.


Over at Smashburger, costumed kids can get a free vanilla shake, so hopefully that's their favorite flavor.


For a full meal fit for a costumed kid, Friendly's presents a whole week's worth of deals. Visit any time through October 31st with a kid in costume, and they'll receive a free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult entree. 

Insomnia Cookie

For a treat that's pretty close to what you might normally get on Halloween, head to an Insomnia Cookie on Halloween. Anyone who shows up in costume will get a free classic cookie on the 31st, which is definitely better than any candy bar. 

So if you're bummed out by a potential lock of traditional trick-or-treating in 2020, just know that there are definite alternatives out there for anyone who feels comfortable enough stopping by certain restaurants in costume. Do it right (which will involve bringing a kid along), and you'll have enough sweet eats to last a whole week. In a year like this, that's sure better than nothing.