Does this doughnut costume make me look fat? Nah, because it's extra, super sweet with sprinkles on top. This year, Target has gone all in on its food costumes for kiddos, grownups AND pets. You're definitely want one of each, but if pressed to pick just the very best of this cool collection, here are our faves. Better get them quick, though, because they're disappearing as quickly as sweet treats from the office candy bowl.

Fast Food Fiesta

Slip on the head-to-toe hot dog get up and you're sure to get loads of attention. The only way this show-y costume could be improved on is to have a squiggle of ketchup beside the mustard. What? You're one of those "no way does ketchup belong on a hot dog" kind of people? Well, then this one's perfect as is, as is the adorable crunchy taco costume. Just to make sure you win the costume contest, though, you'll probably want to hand out some tiny Mexican-inspired appetizers at any and all parties you attend. We also love the burger and fries combo, and slice of pizza.

3-up_halloween costumes from Target
Photos via Target

Sweet and a Little Bit Salty

Don't bother getting into that sprinkle-covered doughnut costume if you're not ready for all the gushing comments it's sure to cause: "Oh, I just love you... with my morning coffee." The jar of strawberry jam's got peanut butter on the flip side, so you could change things up if you're not feeling jammy.

650 x 465 52216808 target doughnut
Photo via Target

More Dress-Up Inspiration

There's a ton of great ideas for food costumes on Pinterest and Instagram, but the very coolest food costume spotted on social media comes from a designer/artist Olivia Mears, who goes by Avant-Geek. Don't you just love her Taco Belle?

465 x 650 taco belle by avant-geek
Photo by Avant-Geek

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