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Celebrate fright night with cute or creepy Halloween cakes. We've gathered some of our favorite recipes and decorating ideas so you can delight all your goblins and ghouls.

Halloween Cakes

Specialty molds are available for baking pumpkin-shaped cakes, but you can also bake a Pumpkin Cake in a Bundt pan and frost it with orange-colored frosting. Shape a stem out of dark green- or brown-tinted marzipan or frost a small cupcake green. To make an extra-large pumpkin cake, bake two Bundt cakes and attach the flat sides together, then frost to resemble a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Cake I | Photo by Carriescows

Harry Potter fans will love what hayliehay98 did with Rolling Fondant to create this sorting hat cake.

Rolling Fondant | Photo by hayliehay98

BRUTALPOETESSAN says she baked this monster cake for her brother's birthday. What a sweet sister!

Monster Cake | Photo by BRUTALPOETESSAN

HEIFERYUNG used bendy pipe cleaners to make the legs for this adorable spider cake. Use licorice and gumdrops for the face, and two colors of frosting for the body.

Spider Cake | Photo by HEIFERYUNG

Check out how Viktoria Chefina created a Halloween Dragon Cake. You can recreate this by baking cakes in round cake pans and cutting them in half. Cut each half into a crescent shape, saving the small rounds for the legs. Place the two large crescents end-to-end to form an S shape. Then go crazy with frosting, fondant, candies, and whatever else you need to finish the dragon.

Halloween Dragon Cake | Photo by Viktoria Chefina

Halloween Cheesecakes

This Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake would be a gorgeous centerpiece dessert at any Halloween party. Place a plastic spider on the web for creepy crawly fun.

Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake | Photo by Lizzie Lulu

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More Halloween Cake Ideas

Huge Scary Spider Cake

  • Bake a chocolate cake in two stainless steel oven-safe bowls, one twice as large as the other.
  • Once the cakes are cool, take the larger-sized cake (this will be the spider's body) and cut it in half horizontally.
  • Scoop out a good-sized cavity in the bottom half, and fill it with green-, yellow- or red-colored filling. Attach the two halves back together.
  • Arrange the filled cake and the smaller cake (the head) on a serving platter. Frost with a black-tinted frosting. Attach black licorice for legs and six large red gumdrops for eyes.

Haunted Graveyard Cake

  • Bake a sheet cake and frost with chocolate frosting. Sprinkle it with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs.
  • Bake shortbread or cut-out cookies in a tombstone shape. Dip the cookies in a thin icing of confectioners' sugar and milk. Use a toothpick to carve R.I.P., or decorate with royal icing.
  • Gently stand your tombstones in the chocolate frosting. Decorate graveyard with cookie or candy ghosts, black cats, and pumpkins.

Ghost Cake with Flaming Eyes

  • Cut a sheet cake into a ghost shape, and decorate with white icing. Use black-tinted icing for eyes and moaning mouth.
  • Put clean eggshell halves on eyes. Soak two sugar cubes in high-proof alcohol. Place sugar cubes in eggshells. Just before serving, light sugar cubes with a match. And of course, don't try this without adult supervision.

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