No snapping here!
Haagen Dazs Soft Dipped

Häagen-Dazs bars and pints are adored for their ultra-creamy texture and endlessly creative flavors. Now, they have a brand-new product to thrill and delight their fans (and all ice cream fans, for that matter). The new Soft Dipped Ice Cream Bar Collection will hit ice cream coolers in early April. These bars have creamy, soft ice cream on the inside AND an equally soft chocolate truffle coating all around.

The new bars blend the decadent flavors of Häagen-Dazs ice cream with a new no-snap coating that makes sinking your teeth into dessert easier and more tempting than ever. The new bars come in tree luscious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Caramel. Each is dipped with a soft chocolate truffled coating for an entirely new and unique sensory experience. Indeed, there is no bar like this available right now.

You can expect the Soft Dipped Ice Cream Bar Collection to hit major retailers nationwide around the beginning of April. Each box of three bars will retail for about $4.49.