Get your wine and your ice cream at once.


Häagen-Dazs' collection of boozy ice creams has expanded to include the ever-loved rosé. Their new flavor, Rosé & Cream, should be hitting store shelves in February of 2020 according to the @CandyHunting Instagram account.

The Rosé & Cream flavor is the latest addition to the ice cream brand's Spirits Collection, which features other alcohol-infused flavors like Bourbon Praline Pecan and Rum Tres Leches. According to the shared label, the Rosé & Cream version will be gluten-free with 310 calories per serving.

With 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, you won't get drunk by digging into a pint, but if you pair it with a box of your favorite rosé then you could have a pretty perfect night in. You could even combine it with other ingredients to create a boozy milkshake.

This product expansion is on-trend with the prediction that 2020 will see even more boozy frozen treats, from ice cream to popsicles. And if you can't wait for this emerging market to grow into stores near you, you can always try your hand at making some at home. Whip up a batch of Guinness® Ice Cream, The Captain's Mango Ice Cream, or Brown Russian Ice Cream. Having a little alcohol in frozen desserts helps keep them relatively soft for a better texture and easier scooping.

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