Guy Fieri's Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers Will Make You Want to Roast a Second Turkey

One of his leftover recipes involves tequila — need we say more?

Guy Fieri
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What is the best part about Thanksgiving? The food? Sure. Spending time with loved ones? Yeah. But arguably the best thing about the holiday is all of the leftovers that you get to enjoy in the following days after.

Now, we know not everyone likes to eat the same foods over and over for days on end. That's why we like to revamp our leftovers — think Ross's Thanksgiving sandwich with a moist maker from "Friends."

You don't have to keep eating mini, warmed-up plates of your traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Especially when there are recipes from the Mayor of Flavortown himself to make your leftovers more exciting.

That's right, chef and longtime TV host, Guy Fieri shared his best tips for making the most out of your Thanksgiving leftovers — including a recipe that uses tequila (and if that's not intriguing, we don't know what is).

First things first, Fieri knows a thing or two about Thanksgiving leftovers.

"Turkey sandwiches for us are a must. I have to roast an extra turkey every year just so we have enough for sandwiches the next day," he says.

Guy Fieri's Tips for Thanksgiving Leftovers

You should really be preparing for leftover meals ahead of the holiday, according to Fieri. That way you won't have to run to the grocery store on the busiest shopping day (more like weekend) of the year just to get dinner on the table.

"You do have to know what you're going to do with your leftover food," he says. "The key is being prepared [and] having the other ingredients on hand that you need — like beans so you can take your leftover ham and that hambone and you can make yourself some soup."

Guy Fieri's Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

So, what exactly does Fieri do with that extra turkey? The better question might be what doesn't he do?

"One of my favorites is to take the stuffing, incorporate the turkey into it, go into a dredge of flour and egg wash, and cook it up like a crab cake," he shares. "Those are always a huge hit — and put a little spice to it, make a nice little dipping remoulade that it goes along with."

If you want to go the slider route, Fieri, who has a partnership with King's Hawaiian, has a couple of good options. He developed a Turkey Picnic Sandwich recipe for the brand, which uses King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, cheese, leftover stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and BBQ kettle chips.

Fieri also has his own tequila with Sammy Hagar, called Santo Tequila, so he loves using that in recipes.

"We do [a slider] called Tequila Turkey where we take the turkey, peppers, onions, and jalapeños deglazed with some tequila and a little bit of whatever white cheese you have. Making this spicy Mexican-inspired King's Hawaiian sandwich always is a massive hit. Everybody stands in line," he says.

If you see us in the grocery store adding an extra turkey to our buggy, don't mind us.

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