You'll never guess how many cans of mushroom soup were used.

Green Giant stands over half ton green bean casserole
Credit: Green Giant

Green Giant, the frozen and canned food brand, has shattered the Guinness World Record for largest green bean casserole.

The massive dish weighed in at 1,009 pounds and was made with an estimated 1,069 cans of Green Giant green beans, 485 cans of mushroom soup, 65 quarts of milk, and 95 pounds of French onions. It took a team of 10 chefs eight hours to prep and cook the green bean casserole.

Green Giant was the original holder of the Guinness World title, with their previous record coming in at a measly 637 pounds in 2017. This previous record was made to celebrate their inaugural year in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Wondering what's going to happen with all that food? Don't worry, none of it is going to waste. The casserole will be served to 3,000 Citymeals on Wheels recipients in New York. Citymeals is a non-profit that makes and delivers weekend, holiday, and emergency meals for the city's homebound elderly.

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