Ever wish you could just have dessert for breakfast? Well, now you can have your cake and drink it too with these guilt-free, healthy smoothies that taste like dessert—minus the calories.

They may drink like milkshakes, but these low-calorie dessert smoothies are packed with vitamins, protein, and other energy-boosting goodness to start your day off right. Plus, from pumpkin pie to chocolate pudding, there's a dessert smoothie flavor to match every sweet tooth. Whether you are looking for quick, easy, healthy breakfast or snack ideas, or need to sneak some nutrition into your kids, dessert smoothies are a win for the whole family. Let's check out the recipes!

How to Keep Dessert Smoothies from Becoming Calorie Bombs

Of course, the line between smoothies and milkshakes can be blurry. But there are some simple ways to make sure your dessert smoothie doesn't venture into straight-up dessert territory:

To satisfy your chocolate cravings without extra calories, add unsweetened cocoa powder instead of sugary chocolate syrup.

For a rich, creamy texture that's packed with nutrients rather than empty calories, throw in some avocado, banana, and/or yogurt (to keep them healthy, make your dessert smoothies without ice cream—that's just a milkshake).

To cut sugar, whip up your smoothie with naturally sweet fruit, dates, or—if you really need a sweetness boost—a little maple syrup or agave.

Our Favorite Desserty Smoothie Recipes

Here are eight of our absolute favorite recipes for smoothies that taste like dessert:

This might taste like pumpkin pie thanks to the pumpkin puree (an excellent source of vitamin A) and warm spices, but it's as healthy as it gets with banana and yogurt to make it extra creamy. "I love making this smoothie. Sometimes I add chia seeds for a bit of texture," says recipe author AddedSugarFreeME. "Add a splash of milk if the texture is too thick for your liking."

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Photo by lutzflcat

With carrot, mango, peach, soy milk and some bold spices, this is one of those rare flavorful vegan dessert smoothies that tastes great and packs a nutritional punch. "This is one of those "outside-the-box" smoothies, and I like the fact that it's not loaded with additional sweeteners, the fruit takes care of that," raves lutzflcat.

Carrot Cake Smoothie
Photo by lutzflcat

If you're looking for more vegan dessert smoothies, then don't miss this decadent tasting, healthy chocolate smoothie, made creamy with the help of avocado and banana. "A guilt-free way to satisfy those chocolate cravings (which, in my case, are constant)," says recipe author errghlack. "I know the ingredients may seem a little weird, but I swear this tastes just like chocolate pudding!"

Superfood Chocolate Pudding Smoothie
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

This filling, paleo-friendly smoothie gets nutrition from apple, pineapple, cashew butter, and flax seed meal. "This smoothie is great when the calendar says it's autumn but the outside temperature denies it. You can have your cool fall in a glass! I used apple pie spice instead of cinnamon," says Buckwheat Queen.

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Featuring crushed shortbread cookies IN the smoothie, this definitely teeters on the edge of dessert. But it also has good-for-you yogurt, strawberries, and optional protein powder to give it a nutritious edge over actual dessert. "A yummy breakfast treat or a low-guilt dessert," says trinityman. "You can substitute vanilla wafers for shortbread cookies if you wish."

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie
Photo by Vick

Looking for more banana dessert smoothies? This top-reviewed recipe gets high marks for being quick and tasty. Want to make it even healthier? "You can make this one using healthy ingredients and it tastes just as good," suggests stick a fork in me, I'm done. "I use 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana, 2 TBS of cocoa powder, and a dash of stevia to taste. You can also use some almond butter if you like. It turns out great this way and it is healthy at the same time since there is no sugar besides the natural sugar in the banana."

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Photo by abapplez

For a little sunshine in a glass, try this smoothie take on a nostalgic ice cream flavor. It's one of those dessert smoothies shakes the whole family will enjoy. "This was absolutely delicious! Definitely my new smoothie go-to recipe," raves MrsDeHav. "This is also great with some fresh kale and ground flax for an added nutritional boost."

Pineapple Creamsicle Smoothie
Photo by Holiday Baker

Is there anything that chocolate-hazelnut spread doesn't improve? It certainly makes this strawberry banana dessert smoothie even more delicious. "This is a quick and easy breakfast that even kids will love," says Maggie T. "With Greek yogurt, it's got a decent amount of protein to keep you full until lunch. Most blenders work best with solid ingredients closest to the blade and liquids added last."

Strawberry Banana Nutella(R) Smoothie
Photo by lutzflcat

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