How do you organize your groceries?
Man buying food products in the supermarket shopping
Man buying food products in the supermarket shopping
| Credit: Sergei Gnatiuk via Getty Images

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like 2020 could go down as the year where people seemed to get more strategic about grocery shopping. That'll tend to happen amid a pandemic that felt like it turned running a typical errand into some sort of rescue mission. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems that people have a lot of strong opinions these days about conveyer belt organization, something you may or may not have even thought about before. 

As it so often does with these sorts of online debates, it all started with a tweet, in which personal chef Charles Hunter III showed off his own checkout organization strategy and asked others if they do the same (lest they be judged as a ''monster''). 

Judging by Hunter's approach, the idea makes sense: Grouping your items like veggies and dairy together can make it easier to bag things up and ultimately save time when putting them away. Others admitted to being among the ranks of organizers. 

Beyond the ''to organize or not to organize'' divide, what was interesting to note was the proliferation of organizational methods those proud organizers seemed to use. Some grouped their purchases by temperature, others ordered their items by weight and fragility for optimal packing. As Emi Boscamp, food editor at TODAY weighed in, an item's ultimate destination in the kitchen can also be a good organizing principle when it comes to curating your conveyor belt. 

Given that grocery shopping is a pretty regular activity, it would seem that conveyor belt organization is either something you've never considered or something you've got down to a science. There's really no right or wrong answer, either—at least as long as you're not completely backing up traffic in the checkout line.