Get geared up for grilling season with a little help from home cooks who know their way around a grill
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We asked some of the most dedicated cooks in the Allrecipes community - our Allstars - for their best grilling advice and essential gear. Scroll down to get their must-have gear picks, smart tips, and a money-saving hack.

Inkbird digital thermometer
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Wireless Thermometer

"I live in Oklahoma where temperatures can reach triple digits, and because I don't want to roast while I'm grilling, I find a Bluetooth thermometer is so useful! The Inkbird Smart Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer connects to your phone up to 150 feet away. It comes with a large LED screen, four probes, and a rechargeable battery." -Sarah Stone (@Thedailygourmet)

Buy it: $50; Amazon

sage owl brass grill scraper
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Grill Scraper

"I have read some really scary stories about using wire brushes to clean grill grates. This solid brass Grate Grill Scraper from The Sage Owl won't leave any metal behind that someone could ingest. It has six grooves in varying sizes to clean almost any size or shape grill grate." -Brenda Venable (@Bibi)

Buy it: $19; Amazon

oxo good grips basting pot and brush set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Better Baster

"I am a barbecue-lover and recommend the OXO Good Grips Grilling Basting Pot and Brush Set. The pot is the right depth and it keeps temperature for sauces and basting liquids while grilling. The brush is long enough to not burn yourself, and the bristles provide great surface coverage." -Dakari Akorede (@Chicageaux Culinary)

Buy it: $25; Amazon

weber professional-grade grill pan
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Grill Pan

"A grill pan or basket is a must! I love the Weber Deluxe Grilling Pan for throwing vegetables or delicate fish on the grill and not worrying about it falling through the grates." -Jessica Lawson (@BigDeliciousLife)

Buy it: $25; Amazon

square white casserole lined with aluminum foil
Credit: Brie Passano

DIY Foil Pan

"I use heavy-duty foil to make 'baskets' for veggies. I can poke holes in the bottom for draining and toss the whole mess when I'm done. It's much less expensive than buying foil pans in different sizes." -Judy Fusco Cru (@Judy in Delaware)

Buy it: $10; Amazon

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2021 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.