Secret ingredients make the best grilled cheese sandwiches

Grilled cheese, you've outdone yourself. With these nine top-rated grilled cheese recipes, we've taken an already classic sandwich to even greater heights.

1. Waffle Sandwich with Cheese, Spinach and Spicy Mustard

It's made in a waffle iron and features spicy mustard and spinach.

Photo by Molly

2. Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, if you're Chef John, you put the cheese on outside, too! Cheese on the inside + Cheese on the outside = Extra-cheesy goodness!

3. Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Here's a grilled cheese that's pesto powered.

Photo by Molly

4. Tomato Bacon Grilled Cheese

This cheesy sandwich boasts a little B&T.

Photo by Allrecipes

5. Grilled Cheese, Pickle and Vidalia Onion Sandwich

It's perked up with pickles and sweet onions.

6. Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

With this one, Colby cheese melts over ham, apple, and pecans.

Photo by lutzflcat

7. Grilled Goat Cheese and Mango Chutney Sandwich

Tangy goat cheese meets spicy-sweet mango chutney.

Photo by Christina

8. Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This one is loaded with Jack and creamy jalapeño popper filling.

Photo by Molly

9. Grandma's Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Here's one that speaks with an Italian accent.

Photo by DIZ

BONUS: April Fool's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The grilled cheese that isn't.

Photo by Denise

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