And another fan-favorite grape will be returning, too.
Grape Soda Grapes in a plastic shell, being held in front of stacks of the grapes
Credit: Sam's Club

Last summer, the grape world was flipped on its flavorful head with the arrival of a new grape variety: Grape Soda Grapes. Exclusive Sam's Club locations were the first to offer the jammy grapes to customers.

But for 2020 (because we do deserve nice things for having made it this far into the year), the royal purple orbs will be available at all Sam's Club locations nationwide.

These unique grapes blend the sugary sweetness of grape soda with a grape's natural bite and tang. Each grape is juicy with a snap of the fruit's skin. They're great to pop on their own as a fast and healthy snack, or consider putting them into a fruit parfait or a grape pie.

But if you want to get your hands on a carton of Grape Soda Grapes, you'd better get to a Sam's Club soon. These grapes are available for a brief window of time, and they'll disappear from the shelves when word gets out that they're back.

If you get to the store and the Grape Soda Grapes are already gone, you can look forward to the return of another favorite: Cotton Candy Grapes. The light green orbs taste eerily similar to the sugar-spun confections of the carnival — something we're all probably missing this year. They've been out for a few years now, but they're still a sweet way to get kids (OK, and adults) to eat more fruit.

Both Grape Soda Grapes and Cotton Candy Grapes will start arriving in Sam's Clubs this month.