I Got a Sneak Peek at the Grammys Swag Bags—Here Are the 7 Items I Want Most

The most delicious products Beyoncé, Adele, and Harry Styles will be getting in their swag bags this year.

A Grammy surrounded by popcorn and various other snacks that will be in the 2023 Grammys swag bag.
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Celebrities are gifted some pretty swanky stuff during awards season. In fact, I got an early sneak preview of the 2023 Grammys "swag bags" and they are pretty loaded. The gift bags contain everything from jewelry, strollers and robot dogs to a multitude of skincare products. And while that eclectic collection of stuff seems pretty cool, it's the edible items in the swag bag that I really want to get my hands on.

All the Foods Featured in the 2023 Grammys Swag Bags

Forget the pet shampoo (yep, that's on the list); give me the chocolate, candy, nuts and baking kits! Here's a list of my favorite food-focused finds in the bag.

m cacao Chocolate

A chocolate truffle box with a video screen built in
m cacao

This year, celebs are being gifted the expressio, the "first-ever" chocolate box with an embedded video screen that allows the sender to share a personalized video message or photo slideshow. All of m cacao's confections are crafted by a French master pastry chef who teamed up with a former robotics engineer to bring together culinary creativity and innovation.

You can grab one for yourself or a loved one on m cacao's website, and each box comes with your choice of chocolate truffles or caramels. And if you happen to live near Amesbury, Mass., you can even sign up for one of m cacao's chocolate classes.

Treat House Crispy Rice Treats

The gourmet treat company will be adding a special golden chocolate-dipped album and dark chocolate-dipped music note crispy rice treat to the swag bag this year. Those exact treats aren't available to the public, but you can get your hands on Treat House's other delicious-looking treats like Birthday Cake Bars, Cotton Candy Mermaid Bars and Jumbo S'mores, all of which can be found on the company's website. And if you can't decide, you can mix and match using the "choose-your-own" option.

Baketivity Super Bowl Cake Pop Kit

Baketivity Super Bowl Cake Pop Kit

Celebs with kids will love the addition of this fun, kid-oriented baking box. The box includes everything to make football-themed cake pops and promises a little bit of learning for the kiddos, too. You can try out this kit yourself, or choose from any one of the other baking-focused kits on Baketivity's website.

Opopop Popcorn

As a huge popcorn-lover, this is one of the swag bag gifts I'm most excited about. Opopop is a line of microwave popcorn that sells their kernels "flavor wrapped," a secret technique that enrobes each individual kernel in flavoring so that when you pop it, every piece of popcorn delivers on its flavor. From Fancy Butter to Chedapeño (Cheddar-Jalapeño), there's a fun flavor for everyone on Opopop's website.

Flour & Flower Petal Pops

a cake pop with a violet pressed on it from flour and flower
Flour & Flower

In the swag bag, celebs will also find Petal Pops from Flour & Flower, a brand that creates cakes, cookies and other treats using organically-grown edible flowers. Petal Pops are available for purchase on Flour & Flower's website, but I'm also smitten with the brand's Sweet Boards, which are perfect for parties, and the Roses and Gold Bark, which makes for a beautiful host gift or birthday treat.

Karma Nuts

Nuts have always been a delicious way to tame hunger, so Karma Nuts will be gifting celebs a combo pack of their flavored, air-roasted cashews to quell any cravings during the ceremony. Luckily, Karma Nnuts aren't just for celebrities. Head to Karma Nuts' site, where they're sold as snack packs, 7-ounce bags and 8-ounce jars; You can grab one flavor or all of them.

American Licorice Company Candy

a package of red vines made simple candy in the mixed berry twist flavor
American Licorice Company

The classic candy brand behind Red Vines will also be in this year's bag. The brand will be sharing its Made Simple line, whose products only contain six ingredients. Celebs will also be getting items from the Torie & Howard line, which specializes in USDA-certified organic treats. Interested in trying these candies for yourself? You can find American Licorice Company's products online and in stores!

Clif Thins

Rounding out the bunch are Clif Thin bars. The handy two-bar pouch clocks in at 100 calories and offers up plenty of crunch. Non-celebrities can find the bars at their local grocery stores or online.

Bottom Line

You may not be getting a Grammy swag bag this year, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the products featured in them. Check out these fancy food finds and give one or two a try. Then all you have to do is grab a nice tote bag, drop in your purchase, and you've created your very own custom swag bag!

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