Think Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts but with ice cream. Amazing, right?
Pop-Tarts Packaging + Product Shot
Credit: Good Humor

Pop-Tarts are often seen as a sweet portable breakfast or quick snack when you want a treat, but they're now getting into the ice cream game and shaking things up with the help of classic ice cream brand, Good Humor.

The new Brown Sugar Cinnamon frozen dessert bars have the buttery flavor of Pop-Tarts's pastry, the spiced brightness of cinnamon and brown sugar, and the luscious, creaminess of frozen Good Humor pops. It looks just like the classic Good Humor strawberry shortcake, chocolate éclair. or Oreo bars, too.

This new treat uses vanilla and cinnamon for a creamy vanilla ice cream and a rich cinnamon core that's then topped with the iconic crispy coating of brown sugar cinnamon crumbles. It's the crunchy, creamy bar of your dreams.

And you can get them now! Good Humor Pop-Tarts Bars are now available in major retailers nationwide and are priced at $3.49 a box. It's bound to be a new summertime staple!

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