Bring on the marshmallows!

By Kimberly Holland
June 25, 2020
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Credit: Godiva

With social distancing, shuttered parks, and canceled vacations, a lot about summer is different this year. But creative folks can conjure up plenty of ways to find the joy of summer in things you're doing at home.

For example, take s'mores. They're easy to make at home — you just need a backyard campfire or one in your fireplace, if you can stomach the heat. Don't have either of those? You can melt marshmallows under the broiler in your oven.

And while you're upgrading summer experiences for the socially-distanced summer, upgrade your s'mores ingredients. Instead of subpar chocolate and foamy graham crackers, combine the two in an ultimate treat: Godiva's Chocolate Biscuits.

The sweet cookies are made with a base of crisp, buttery biscuits, and each is topped with Godiva's iconic chocolate in one of eight classic flavors: Lady Godiva Lait with milk chocolate, Lady Godiva biscuit with dark chocolate, Lady Godiva Noir with vanilla ganache, Coeur Noir with dark chocolate and cocoa ganache, Coeur Lait with hazelnut praline, or Écusson Lait with milk chocolate caramel.

With the crunchy cookie and creamy chocolate together, all you need to do is supply the flaming hot marshmallow and wait a few seconds for the chocolate to turn gooey and warm. Mmm bliss! Each cookie is a true treat, one to be savored and enjoyed while soaking in the summer's sunset and chirping crickets.

Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box
Credit: Godiva

Buy it: Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, $17;

If you like things a bit more simple and streamlined, stick with Godiva's Signature Milk Chocolate Biscuits, a one-size-fits-all cookie treat with a buttery cookie base embossed with milk chocolate. This set comes in three packs of 12 pieces, so you can plan for several nights across the entire summer, or you can share the backyard s'mores joy with your neighbors — while keeping your distance, of course. This is one activity we know your whole family will look forward to!

Signature Milk Chocolate Biscuits, Set of 3
Credit: Godiva

Buy it: Signature Milk Chocolate Biscuits, Set of 3/12 pieces each; $26.50;

Want to ship a whole s'mores kit to a friend whose summer plans were canceled and they're feeling a bit down? Send them a bag of fresh marshmallows ($12/pack of 2; Amazon), and you can share a family FaceTime while you roast marshmallow and make s'mores.

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