I love tomatoes, all types. But I can guess why squeamish folk dislike raw tomatoes. It's that funky gelatin-like consistency on the inside, amirite? The point is, people who already hate raw tomatoes are about to have another pretty good reason for disliking them.


That's because, according to Now This, the robots are force-feeding raw tomatoes to humans while simultaneously making them run for their very lives. That's rude.

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Or maybe I'm getting the robots' motives entirely wrong. Maybe the robots are coming for us tomato lovers! Maybe it's like that aversion therapy scene in A Clockwork Orange. Either way, it all points to a bleak, bleak future: Robots forcing us on long runs while stuffing us with tomatoes until our tomato-eating behaviour is "corrected" and we can no longer stand even the sight of beautiful vine-fresh tomatoes.

And then? Then the robots will have the tomatoes all to themselves. Also, the robots will be drunk.


The Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain, is about to get real. Real terrifying. [Photo via Wikimedia Commons]