You wouldn’t think such a simple tool could be such a game changer — but it is.

By Darcy Lenz
March 19, 2021
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BIUAN Silicone Spatula Header

When you think of the most important pieces of equipment in your baking arsenal, a scraper spatula may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Many probably consider their stand mixer the most valuable baking tool they own; which, given the price tag, is fair.

Others probably hold good quality cake pans and sheet pans in the highest regard. This is likewise understandable.

However, I survived many years (and successfully baked many cookies) before owning a KitchenAid, and I have baked delicious cakes in disposable aluminum pans. But the occasions I've found myself baking in my grandmother's kitchen, without my travel kit of cooking supplies, equipped only with her aggressively rigid, plastic scraper spatulas that she likely obtained at some point in the late '80s... that's a heavy hit. 

I've scraped batter from bowls with my fair share of spatulas — and let me tell you, having a good one makes a world of difference. I'll also say, a good one will make your baking life remarkably easier, but a great one is worth its weight in gold. And there is one scraper spatula that I'd like to drop into every single one of my friends' and family members' utensil bins like a stealthy silicone fairy: The GIR Ultimate Spatula

Why is this the spatula of my dreams, you ask? Well, it really just comes down to a few basic elements:

The Single-Piece Design

Or, as GIR describes it, the "antimicrobial unibody design." It was actually my Allrecipes colleague Kimberly Holland who, years ago, introduced me to scraper spatulas made of a single piece of silicone, versus having a silicone head connected to a wooden, plastic, or metal handle. The thing a lot of home cooks don't realize is that when you have a two-piece spatula like this, a lot of gunk slips up into the seemingly airtight crevices. If you remove the silicone head, you'll likely see a lot of unappetizing ick you'd rather not see contained in the utensil you use to stir and scrape brownie batter… so just imagine the bacteria you're not seeing. If you are now barreling to the kitchen to remove the heads from all of your scraper spatulas, I am sorry. 

But also, you're welcome.  

The Grip

This is one of those things you don't care (or even think) about until you actually experience that some handles are better than others. Whether you're gently folding in egg whites or really putting some muscle into stirring a thick batter, the GIR Ultimate Spatula's curvy, comfy handle lets you feel fully in control. Thin, rod-like handles on a scraper spatula are usable, but this rounded silicone handle provides functional grip that you'll notice. 

The Angle

I don't mean to be hyperbolic, it's just that the design of this spatula head is perfect. (They really did Get It Right.) The angled tip of the spatula blade matched with its straight sides makes scraping any piece of cookware clean (from bowls to saucepans to skillets) a piece of cake. Plus, the spatula head is thick enough to feel hefty and durable, but also has impressive flexibility. It's also not too big, so you can even use it to scrape out jam jars. In short, this is a luxury vehicle of spatulas — it maneuvers with grace and ease.

GIR Ultimate Spatula
($17.95 save 28%)

A final thing to love about this Cadillac of spatulas is its price tag. Ringing in at $12.95, it certainly doesn't cost as much as a KitchenAid, but in my kitchen, I'd wager it's just as valuable.