Time for a PB PSA.
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Jif Gif Peanut Butter
Credit: Jif

It's 2020. You use the Internet. You see GIFs. You love GIFs. But do you know how to pronounce GIF? Well, it's not like the peanut butter.

That's the message Jif and GIPHY want to get across. And Jif just released limited-edition jars of "Gif" peanut butter to spread the word.

Here's the point of their collab in a nutshell: Said with a soft G, Jif refers to America's most beloved peanut butter. GIF, said with a hard G, refers to a looping image. People send billions of GIFs on sites like GIPHY (also said with a hard G) every day. That's right: billions of GIFs. But there's just one Jif.

To be fair, phonics doesn't totally translate over the Internet. (Who hasn't mispronounced "meme" at some point, amiright?) Plus, "Jif" was probably in your vocab before GIF was. Easy mistake. GIPHY and Jif have even released a statement on the matter: "If you've ever called a GIF a Jif, we forgive you." Phew.

You can now order a jar of "Gif" on Amazon for $10. (Just in time for National Peanut Butter Lover's Day on March 1!) Be advised that the product contains about 34 servings of peanut butter and zero looping images.