By Isadora Baum

Give the gift of coffee love to the people in your life who can't live without their brew.

If you're holiday shopping for a friend or relative who loves a cup of Joe in the morning (and afternoon... and evening...), indulge that coffee habit with more than a gift card to their favorite brew spot. Between fancy kitchen appliances and gadgets, and silly coffee-related items, this list of fun gifts will put a smile on your loved one's faces. Here are the top presents for people who love coffee and can't wait to find their next cuppa.

1. Warm Up

A rechargeable little gadget designed to keep your favorite beverage hot on-the-go, the Coffee Cookie is an awesome gift for those who always have a piping hot cup of java in hand. Charge it, snap it, and take it with you on your next adventure, where it's always there to keep your coffee the right temperature.

Buy it: Coffee Cookie, $15

Photo: Coffee Cookie

2. Brew Bites

Instead of drinking coffee, eat it! Each bar contains three shots of espresso, or 140 mg of natural caffeine, and they're low in sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and are made from premium 100% Hawaiian coffee. Eat plain, use instead of coffee when you need a jolt fast, or shave it on dessert for a kick.

Photo: Big Island Coffee Roasters

3. Moka Pot

Caffé Umbria's Moka Pot is a stylish and affordable way to produce a filtered, ground-free coffee, just using your stovetop. The coffee's richness and deep flavor resembles a delicious shot of espresso. Imagine something you'd typically spend $5+ for in a café, but made in the comfort of home. Plus, it's unique design looks great sitting on a stovetop.

Photo: Umbria

4. On Island Time

Booze and coffee are a dream pair. (Hello, espresso martinis!) This special bottle of rum is infused with a coffee flavor that delivers a smooth, strong, and delicious hit to any cuppa. In collaboration between Kaua`i Coffee and the Kōloa Rum Company, this rum has notes of coffee and cocoa and is blended with freshly roasted dark Kauai Coffee and pure Hawaiian cane sugar.

Photo: Mel and Rose

5. Let's Be Clear

A person's phone cover says a lot about who they are, so let the world know your favorite drink with this clear case with illustrated images of coffee, brewed and iced. Any coffee lover will enjoy showing off their personality with this sweet case.

Photo: Velvet Caviar

6. Rockin' Roaster

The Fresh Roast SR540 roaster is a great gift for someone who takes their coffee seriously, from bean to brew. With a capacity of 120 grams per roast, this little roaster is excellent for experimenting with small batches of beans, where you can make your own unique blends, and pour your heart into the process of making the perfect cup. Plus, each roaster comes with a sample pack of green coffee beans.

Photo: Amazon

7. Green Gift

Instead of tossing away stacks of K-cups every day, your coffee-loving friend will love having a reusable option instead. The Eco-Fill's metal filters secure a high level of filtration at an extremely affordable price, and it minimizes sediment and lets the coffee's natural oils pass through.

Photo: Amazon

8. Coffee by Design

The slimmest, most compact espresso and coffee pod machine out there, this one has an easy to use one-touch system, and it's super chic looking. It was designed by architect Piero Lissoni, and it is great for any coffee lover who wants a simple experience making coffee at home.

Photo: illy

9. On-the-Go Brew

Get hydration and caffeination while you're working, shopping, or moving about. This double-wall glass bottle holds 12 ounces and stays hot or cold but keeps hands comfortable. You can make a hot brew or cold with the pour-over cap and built-in stainless steel filter. Loose leaf tea is great, too.

Photo: Soma

10. Mug Shot

A new set of mugs will make the java lover in your life feel more cheerful as they look outside at the snowfall this winter, warm cup in hand. With microwave-safe gold accents, a soft-hued watercolor of purple and gray, and durable bone china, it's a stunner. It's also dishwasher-safe.

Photo: Lenox

11. Kick It Up

These gluten-free coffee bars come in a tasty and vibrant latte flavor and are a fun new way to enjoy espresso on the go. Each bar has 60 calories, three grams of sugar, and it tastes like a velvety, sweet cappuccino. Yum! One bar provides a caffeine kick that's comparable to a half a cup of coffee.

Photo: Kickbar

12. Glitz & Glam

Even in the early morning, a coffee break can be fancy with these cute sugar and cream cups. Crafted of tempered glass with stately copper-finished accents, these classically styled glasses are the ideal gift for the coffee lover who likes the finer things in life. The set includes a six-ounce cream container and a one-cup sugar container.

Photo: Frontgate

13. Chill Out

Cold brew lovers, this gift's for you. With endless possibilities to incorporate cold brew concentrate into recipes like scones and overnight oats, or just drinking it over ice, this chilled brew can be enjoyed all year round. That's the gift that keeps giving.

Photo: Brim

14. Retro Roast

This retro-inspired espresso machine makes a mean brew with top-notch power but gives the kitchen a fun vibe. It has three functions (1-cup, 2-cup, and steam options) and a flow-stop mechanism, plus the removable water tank is super easy to use and clean.

Photo: SMEG

15. Clever Cup

The Ember Mug 2 is a great gift for those who are particular about their coffee, love it, but are super busy and don't have time to finish it right now. This mug lets you sit back and relax, enjoying coffee for as long as you like while not sacrificing that steaming hot temp.

Photo: Ember

16. Pour Some Sugar

For the friend in your life who loves waking up to a stack of pancakes with maple syrup and a cold brew in hand, this coffee-flavored maple syrup gives them the best of both worlds at once. Plus, you can drizzle it on vanilla ice cream or use in an espresso martini or on other foods, too, like French toast. Yum!

Photo: UncommonGoods

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