If you have someone on your gift list who always has a cup of Joe in hand, these ideas will help you offer up the best present this holiday season.

By Susan B. Barnes
Updated December 01, 2020
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gifts for coffee lovers
Credit: Allrecipes Illustration

There are several theories when it comes to the origin of coffee: an Ethiopian legend says that a goat herder first discovered the popularity of beans centuries ago; by the 15th century, coffee was being grown in the Arabian Peninsula; the hot drink arrived in Europe by the 17th century and made its way across the continent; and by the mid-1600s coffee arrived in New York.

What we do know for certain is coffee continues to increase in its popularity, and people have taken to becoming their own baristas at home. Here, we take a look at 25 gifts for coffee lovers that will surely awake their senses.

Kauai Coffee Koloa Rum Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee
Credit: Kauai Coffee 2000

Coffee + Rum

What started as an experiment with yeast fermentation, flavor, and small batch production has resulted in a roast that's complex with flavor notes of rum, cocoa, honey, floral, dried berries, and oak. The partnership between Kaua`i Coffee Company and the Kōloa Rum Company adds a bit of island flavor to any mug.

Buy it: $40; store.kauaicoffee.com

Demeter Fresh Brewed Coffee
Credit: Demeter Fragrance

Delightful Scents

Carry the scent of a just-brewed cup of coffee with you throughout the day with this Fresh Brewed Coffee fragrance. In addition to the cologne spray, the scent is available in a shower gel, body lotion, atmosphere diffuser, and massage and body oils.

Buy it: $13; demeterfragrance.com

FEW Cold Cut Bourbon
Credit: FEW Spirits

Cold Brew + Bourbon

Dark roasted cold brew coffee is blended with the flavors of cinnamon, clove, and oak in FEW Bourbon to create FEW Cold Cut Bourbon. By using a cold brew coffee instead of hot-brewed, the finish is smoother and less astringent.

Buy it: $50; reserverbar.com

HUNU Collapsible Coffee Cup
Credit: HUNU

Good Things…

Wherever you are off to — in the city, on a hike or bike ride, or even camping — the 9-ounce HUNU Collapsible Coffee Cup is a terrific alternative to single-use cups that wind up in landfills. It folds down to just about three-quarters of an inch to fit into a pocket or bag, and has a built-in drinking lid to keep drinks where they should stay — in the cup.

Buy it: $19; amazon.com

Nectar Bath Treats Macchiato Shea Bar Soap
Credit: Nectar Bath Treats

Wake Up Early

Before sipping that first cup of coffee, wake up with this Macchiato Shea Bar Soap. Not only will eyes pop open at first whiff, but skin benefits, too, from the soap's ground coffee exfoliants, cocoa powder, moroccan lava clay, and shea butter.

Buy it: $11; nectrausa.com

Brooklyn Roasting Company holiday blend
Credit: Brooklyn Roasting Company

Dark as 2020

It's been quite a year, and this year's Holiday Blend from Brooklyn Roasting Company has wrapped it all up in this half Bali, half Sumatra dark roast… as Dark as 2020. There is a sweet side, too: the coffee's tasting notes are of dark chocolate and strawberry. Choose the Holiday Blend and create a gift set by adding the two comic books ($5) illustrated and written by Andrew Wendel.

Buy it: $18; brooklynroasting.com

Vinci's Express Cold Brew
Credit: Vinci Housewares

Getting Colder

Gone are the days of waiting long hours for cold brewed coffee to, well, brew with Vinci's Express Cold Brew. Instead of 18 to 24 hours, in just five minutes a fully-extracted cold brewed cup of coffee is ready. Fill the carafe with room-temperature water, add ground coffee, select a brew strength, and voila — coffee is ready!

Buy it: $80; amazon.com

Los Angeles Trading Co- Coffee Snob Mug
Credit: Los Angeles Trading Co

You Know Coffee

Sometimes being a snob isn't a bad thing. Coffee lovers know coffee, and they know what types of brews they like best. Some may even self-identify as a coffee snob. Now, they can let the world know, too.

Buy it: $17; losangelestradingco.com

Civilized Coffee Cocoa Gift Box
Credit: Civilized Coffee

Dalonga at Home

Skip the coffee shop and make your own Dalonga coffee at home with this trio from Civilized Coffee. Whip up a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and sit back and relax.

Buy it: $30; amazon.com

Café Latté On a Stick

If a cup of coffee to go isn't an option, pop one of these Café Latté Lollypops made with Colombian coffee into your mouth and be on your way. The individually-wrapped, pick-me-up treats are perfect to throw into a bag, or even carry in pockets for fast access.

Buy it: $22; sees.com

Indigo Marine Collagen
Credit: Indigo Marine Collagen

Coffee Boost

Strengthen a cup of coffee with a serving of Indigo Marine Collagen powder, which blends tastelessly into any beverage. You'll reap the results: healthier skin and hair, and stronger nails and bones.

Buy it: $30; amazon.com

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti
Credit: Robert Pirello

For Dipping

Sipping a cup of coffee is nice, but it's made even better when you have something to dip into it.  These biscotti add a sweet bite to a cup of coffee, and made even better in that they're made with organic whole-grain flours and without refined sugars, and they're vegan, too. Dip away!

Buy it: $14/dozen; christinacooks.com

Emma Bridgewater Coffee Tea Set
Credit: Joanne Hudson Associates

Sitting Pretty

Store coffee, tea, and sugar in this pretty little polka dot set. Hand-painted in the small Victorian English town of Stoke on Trent, each canister is air-tight and easy to clean; be sure to hand-wash to keep their bright and cheery design.

Buy it: $30; joannehudson.com

DONA - Latte Kit
Credit: DONA

Make It a Latte

Impress your coffee-loving friends and family with your very own latte kit; it's as easy as 1-2-3. First, mix the concentrate with oat milk; then, heat, steam, or pour over ice, whichever you prefer; and then, sprinkle with Masala Chai spice with cinnamon, cardamom, black tea, cloves, and black peppercorn.

Buy it: $34 drinkdona.com

Carter Move Corduroy Red
Credit: Lindsey Shea

On the Go

Hit the road, trail, or beach with the Carter Everywhere Mug. Either ask your barista to pour your cuppa straight into the mug, or set it under your home manual brewer and you're ready to go. The ceramic coated inside keeps odors and oils out of your coffee, so you're left with only the taste, and the mug keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

Buy it: $30; fellowproducts.com

Cafe de Olla
Credit: La Monarca Bakery

Fan Fave

In L.A., a longtime favorite among customers of La Monarca Bakery & Cafe is its signature coffee blend. Organic beans from Oaxaca, Mexico are roasted in L.A. with Mexican and cinnamon and brown cane sugar to create a warming cup of coffee… and it's not just the temperature.

Buy it: $16; amazon.com

Caffeine Mask
Credit: 100% PURE

Mask Up

Have you ever thought about applying coffee to your face? With this Caffeine Mask, you can do just that, and reap the benefits. The hydrating mask uses anti-inflammatory caffeine from coffee and tea to calm redness and hydrate dry, sun-damaged skin.

Buy it: $32/5-pack; 100percentpure.com

Cafe Agave
Credit: Café Agave

Spiked Cold Brew

What do you get when you take cold brew coffee and mix it with wine? Spiked cold brew coffee! Cafe Agave has done just that, and canned it — it's like drinking a half-cup of coffee and a glass of wine. What's more, they offer the blend in coffee house flavors: Espresso Shot, Caffe Mocha, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon.

Buy it: $20/4-pack; shop.cafeagave.com

Credit: Clio Coffee

Coffee For One

This single-cup brewer is perfect if you want just one cup of coffee in the morning, or a pick-me-up anytime of day. And not only does it brew coffee, but its three modes brew espresso and tea, too. The high-pressure brewing extracts the most flavor from beans, making a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Buy it: $129; cliocoffee.com

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Drink Perfection
Credit: Drink Perfection

Perfect Temperature

Rather than guessing when a cup of coffee's ready to sip, check out the Drink Perfector. Simply fill it with ice and place over a mug, then pour coffee in. As the coffee flows through the copper coil, it cools to the desired temperature and ready to drink. Goodbye, burnt mouths!

Buy it: $50; amazon.com

Tasty Ribbon Coffee O'Clock
Credit: Julieanne Browning

Spreadable Coffee

For a different spin, send this Coffee O'Clock gift box of coffee goodness. The star of the show is the Cappuccino Spread, delicious with cakes, cookies, pancakes, or scooped by finger right from the jar. The dark chocolate bar with coffee filling with pack a flavor punch, as will the milk chocolate covered coffee beans.

Buy it: $35; tastyribbon.com

3Bros Stroopwafels
Credit: Courtesy of 3Bros Dutch Cookies

Going Dutch

Add some Dutch flavors to a cup of coffee with these stroopwafels, made in Georgia. Butter and sugar beet molasses are melted together to create a caramel that is spread inside a wafer-thin cinnamon cookie to make this popular Dutch treat. Place one over a hot mug for a few minutes so that the caramel melts a bit… delicious! 

Buy it: $6/8-pack; 3broscookies.com

Marley Coffee Cookbook
Credit: Am Media Group

One (Coffee) Love

Chef Maxcel Hardy (or, Chef Max, as he's more commonly known) teamed up with Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, to compile a collection of recipes that infuses coffee into them. In The Marley Coffee Cookbook, Chef Max explains the importance of choosing a particular coffee to use in certain foods, from savory to sweet. Recipes include sweet potato waffles with a pecan coffee syrup; grilled salmon with a coffee, maple and ginger glaze; and coffee spice blend-marinated lamb ribs with guava bbq sauce.

Buy it: $4; amazon.com

White Blank Poster Mockup
Credit: Counter Culture Coffee

Spin the Wheel

For those who are really into coffee, this Flavor Wheel poster is a must-have. The wheel breaks flavors down into tasting notes like fruit, floral and spice, and then further, and further again, from there.

Buy it: $10; counterculturecoffee.com

Objective Wellness
Credit: ObjectiveWellness.com

Quick Pick-Me-Up

If a cup of coffee is out of reach, pop one of these dark chocolates into your mouth for a burst of caffeine. With a controlled release rate, 80 mg of caffeine (an average cup of coffee has 95 mg) will work its way into your body over the course of six hours.

Buy it: $25/15 pieces; objectivewellness.com

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