You Can Get a 3-Pound Chocolate Bunny on Amazon

Cadbury Bunny who?

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There's a good chance Easter egg hunts are (once again) going to look a little different this April than they might during the course of a normal spring. Instead of rooting around in the (non-scented) grass for little eggs, maybe the safest thing to do is to just sit in the backyard and chomp your way through a giant and ornately decorated chocolate Easter bunny instead.

Enter the "Mr. Goodtime Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny Gift," a special springtime treat sold by Vermont confectioner Lake Champlain Chocolates through Amazon. Weighing in at a hefty 3.2 pounds, Mr. Goodtime is in fact heavier than many species of real, live cottontail rabbits. Mr. Goodtime also lives up to his name in terms of attire, sporting a fancy-looking argyle-patterned blazer, and holding an ornate Easter egg that's nearly as big as him.

While the craftsmanship on display here may tempt you to preserve this 16.5-inch-tall semi-hollow rabbit for display in your home or garden, the chocolate sure seems too good to pass up. Made with 38 percent cocoa milk chocolate, plus dark and white chocolate accents, Mr. Goodtime will live up to his name with every bite.

Lake Champlain Mr. Goodtime Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny Gift, 3.2 Pounds

Before you rush out in search of this thing, there's one pretty important caveat: The Lake Champlain Mr. Goodtime Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny costs $120, which sure feels like a lot to spend on something that could melt down to a puddle if left out in the sun. in case you felt like putting all the money you haven't spent on spring break travel towards a piece of chocolate, though, this is the way to do it.

Is spending this much on Easter candy a bit extra? Probably. But if there's one thing that you should always buy in bulk whenever the opportunity presents itself, it's fancy chocolate.

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