Twinkies Filling Goes Blue for Latest 'Ghostbusters' Movie

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

If you had to describe a Twinkie, "natural" probably wouldn't be the first word that springs to mind. The cream-filled sponge cake almost epitomizes junk food, making it the ultimate guilty pleasure treat if you're in the mood for something easy and indulgent.

But what if you wanted a Twinkie that tasted just as good as it always does, but happened to look a little bit weirder once you found the cream filling? Who are you gonna call? Why, the Ghostbusters of course.

That's the premise behind a new limited-edition Twinkies offering tied into the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, scheduled (at least for now) for June 2021. In place of the usual ghostly white shade of cream filling, we're instead treated to a sort of otherworldly neon blue.

ghostbusters blue twinkies

In the Ghostbusters/Twinkie universe, "blue" apparently translates to fruit-flavored filling, which may be inspired by the hideous "Muncher" creature set to star in the latest film. That flavor augmentation is similar yet slightly different from the 2016 Twinkies tied to that year's Ghostbusters reboot: That time around, a slimy green filling represented key lime.

While you might be wondering why we're now getting multiple different Ghostbusters-themed Twinkies, the truth is that the Hostess snack had a supporting role in the franchise's original film. Specifically, Harold Ramis' character posits that if New York's normal level of psychokinetic energy is the size of a regulation Twinkie, then its current level would be the equivalent of a 35-foot-long Twinkie weighing 600 pounds. Sounds delicious, but less than ideal, paranormally speaking.

Though it's unlikely that Hostess would celebrate Ghostbusters by making a Twinkie that large, it's good to know that the connection between snack and film series remains alive and well. There's no exact word on when these snacks will hit stores, but fear not, for they'll probably be here soon enough.

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