By Leslie Kelly

Cheers to the weekend, even if your Saturday falls on a Monday or Thursday. Celebrate the days off with brunch and a sparkling wine cocktail. Let's raise a glass — a flute if you're feeling fancy — to these bubbly beverages!

1. Original Champagne Cocktail

Just a couple of extra ingredients transforms a glass of sparkling wine into a complex cocktail. Don't have sugar cubes? Don't panic. Just add a teaspoon of sugar.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

2. Pomosa

This colorful variation on the tradition combo of OJ and champagne gets its rosy hue from pomegranate juice. Garnish with raspberries.

Photo by Meredith

3. Party Mimosa

There's a whole lot of tropical going on in this crowd pleasing drink, the addition of pineapple juice making sippers feel like they're on the beach in Maui.

Photo by dustysun

4. French 75

Oooh, la la. This variation of the champagne cocktail goes extra boozy by including a splash of gin. Or mix things up and serve a round of French 75 Jell-O shots!

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

5. Champagne Punch

So pretty in pink, this crazy good creation is the best excuse to invite a bunch of friends over and chill.

Photo by vburrito

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