Kellogg's has announced that Chocolate Frosted Flakes will hit stores in mid-November. It already sounds much more promising than last year's Cinnamon edition turned out to be. Just the Chocolate Frosted Flakes cereal milk alone has the potential to be amazing. According to the press release it will taste like milk chocolate and roasted cocoa frosting. Yes, please.


The new flavor was apparently carefully crafted by the people, for the people. Travelers to Latin American countries may have seen Frosted Flakes Choco Zucaritas on the shelves there for some time (boxes also occasionally pop up on Amazon and eBay), but a press release reveals that the North American product was created "by working with fans to create the perfect chocolatey frosting from scratch by testing how different cocoas interact with the cereal flake and the milk left at the bottom of the bowl." ( Sounds like a fun focus group: Kellogg's — call me next time!)

Let's not sugarcoat it: the makers of Cocoa Pebbles should be feeling a little worried right now. And I for one am ready for this new cereal to be grrrrrreat!

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