Rachel's Ginger Beer — winner of the Allrecipes' Ginger Beer Tasting Panel — has been killing it at its Pike Place Market shop with a new winter warmer, a hot toddy that's beyond simple to make. Yes, heating soda sounds crazy, but it's genius.

Photo by Danielle Sadler, Rachel's Ginger Beer

Founder Rachel Marshall was stuffed up, suffering from classic cold symptoms when she decided to warm up some ginger beer. "Heating it up unlocked all these great aromatics you don't get when it's served cold," she said. And what makes a warm drink even more soothing? A shot of booze, of course.

"You can use anything, really. Rum, bourbon, vodka," she suggests. "Just make sure to add it after you're done warming it up, so you don't cook out the alcohol."

Garnish with star anise to bump up the spice factor and serve.

Watch this short video for more details about Rachel's toddy inspiration.