You'll be wondering why you didn't think of this first.

Raise your hand if you've ever lifted a bag of trash from the can, only to realize icky juices were flowing out the bottom. Or you've tugged and pulled on an extra heavy bag that ripped and left you with a mess of spilling garbage.

You're not alone. A hotel housekeeper gave me the best trash can tip a few years ago, and it's changed how I use any and all rubbish bins in my house. Before I drop a single piece of garbage into a can, I make sure to line the can with two bags.

Woman pulling out garbage bag
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The second bag is an insurance policy. If a bag springs a leak or rips from the sharp edges of a box, for example, you have another bag directly below it that's ready to jump into action to catch trash or liquids.

What's more, a second bag can also come in handy if you fill your bin full of heavy items (e.g. after a dinner party). The bag can provide reinforcement to make lifting and tugging easier — and safer if you fear rips or tears.

If you're not into the second bag hack, there's another tip a professional cleaner taught me to make readying cans easier and faster — specifically so I don't drop my banana peel into a trash bag that isn't lined.

Simply keep several bags, or even an entire roll, at the bottom of your trash can. Then, when you remove the filled bag, you can reach into the can, pull out a fresh liner, and put it in place before you even walk the rubbish to the outdoor can.