Dorie Greenspan, author of 14 best-selling cookbooks, recently had a flour-y epiphany when prepping sugar cookie dough. "You don't need to chill it before rolling it out," she said during a recent visit to Allrecipes' HQ in downtown Seattle while on tour promoting her newest release called Dorie's Cookies. Instead of following the standard practice when chilling dough...

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies
The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies | Photo by augustmoon

... Dorie now takes a revolutionary approach by rolling the dough out right after it's mixed, and then chilling it before cutting and baking it. "When you chill the dough after mixing it, you know how hard it is to roll it out," she said. "You're angry at it, maybe you even hit it with your rolling pin. It's so much easier if you roll it out first -- between a couple of sheets of parchment paper -- flipping it a couple of times. It's going to make life so much easier."

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