January 17, 2019
sour patch kids candy hearts
Photo by Frankford Candy, jahcottontail143/Getty


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Does anyone really enjoy Valentine's Day? It seems like every February we all collectively acknowledge its existence out of obligation, not because we just can't wait to put our relationship statuses on full display.

Let's be real: There are a lot of reasons to hate Valentine's Day. Chief among them? Conversation hearts.

The little sayings are cute, I guess, but they taste like literal chalk.

It's 2019, people: You can send "Crazy 4 U" in a text. Trust me, your recipient will thank you.

If you absolutely must show your affection via candy hearts, though, there is another way.

Feast your eyes on this:

Thank God, Sour Patch Kids-flavored conversation hearts exist now.

Note that @candyhunting's caption stresses that these are not the sour gummies you're used to--but they're not the nasty Necco wafers either. What we have here is essentially a SweeTart: Nobody's favorite candy, but not chalk.

Before you give these to your significant other, make sure to read the words inscribed on these candy hearts: While they may be sour, they're anything but sweet.

Phrases include "OVR IT," "FRIEND ZONE," and "EW NO," so give with caution.

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