Funfetti's New Frostings Feature Mermaid and Llama Sprinkles

Mermaid, llamas, and sprinkles! Oh my!

two containers of Pillsbury's Funfetti mermaid and llama frostings on a two-tone teal background
Photo: Pillsbury

Known for their multi-color, sprinkle-studded cake mixes and frostings, Funfetti is a name that imbues any baking conversation with color, merriment, and joy. And while the classic Funfetti is always a fantastic option for birthday cakes or a just-because treat, the folks at Pillsbury are never too far from another delicious Funfetti innovation.

In fact, they just announced two new products that are nearly too cute for words: Funfetti Mermaid Pink Strawberry Frosting and Funfetti Llama Love Purple Vanilla Frosting.

As you might expect from the frostings' names, these sugary schmears don't lack for color and creativity. The Funfetti Mermaid Pink Strawberry Frosting is the collection's first strawberry frosting. With the rosy icing, you'll also find shell-shaped sprinkles, purple mermaid tail-shaped sprinkles, and blue and silver sprinkles.

The Llama Love Purple Vanilla Frosting is a classic vanilla topper, but it's colored purple for fun and fancy. With it, you'll find llama-shaped sprinkles, yellow jimmies, and purple and blue sequin sprinkles.

Prices will be between $1.30 and $2.50, and they'll be rolling onto grocery shelves soon so you have something extra colorful and extra sweet to celebrate any occasion.

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