Oreo and Funfetti Team Up on Baking Line


So far in this still very new year, we've already seen more new Oreo releases than anyone likely expected. Less than two weeks into 2021, we've already heard of Oreos that aim to taste like coffee ice cream, "Nutella," and strawberry doughnuts.

Perhaps in an effort to restore some balance to the universe, Funfetti is rolling out a whole new line of baking products designed to taste like Oreos. You heard that right: America's favorite creme-filled sandwich cookie and the people who brought bursts of color into the world of baking are teaming up for something special.

The collaboration between the king of cookies and Funfetti consists of a full line of mixes and frosting bringing the best of both worlds together. Cake-wise, there's Funfetti Vanilla and Chocolate Premium Cake Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces, the latter of which sounders particularly indulgent. For an added Oreo kick, either of those mixes can be topped with Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting with Oreo Cookie Pieces in case you really want to double down on the flavor fusion.

funfetii oreo baking line
Pillsbury Baking

Fans of Oreos and brightly-colored baked goods need not confine themselves to cakes, either. The collection also includes Funfetti Premium Brownie Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces, which lets you layer cookie crumbles on top of your brownies and make your very own "Brookie-O" of sorts. In the event you want a breakfast that combines Funfetti and Oreos, the inclusion of a waffle and pancake mix in the lineup will help you start your day on the right foot.

the entire lineup of funfetti x oreo products
Pillsbury Baking

If the mere existence of this product line has you feeling inspired, you might want to join in on Funfetti's digital baking competition, held in honor of its release. Judged by Kids Baking Championship host Duff Goldman and former contestant/TikTok baking influencer Matthew Merril, you can enter through January 26 for your shot at winning $500 in cash or a year's supply of Funfetti. Talk about a tough choice.

For the rest of us who'd rather stick to the instructions on the mix than get creative in the kitchen, the full Oreo x Funfetti line should be hitting grocery store shelves across the country in February. More importantly, does this mean we'll get a Funfetti-themed Oreo sometime soon? You certainly can't rule it out.

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