Froot Loops Gummies Turn Favorite Cereal Into Candy

NOT part of a balanced breakfast.

It's been an interesting time for cereal. Sheltering at home for a year gave us an opportunity to eat more of the stuff and get reacquainted with old favorites.

But with our burnout a year into the pandemic coupled with the hope that we will (someday) be leading normal, busy lives again, how is a maker of sugar breakfast cereal supposed to keep us hooked on their product?

If you're Kellogg's, the answer seems to involve turning one of your most popular cereals into a chewy fruit (or should we say Froot) snack. That's the basic premise behind Froot Loops Gummies, an upcoming snack offering spotted and shared by multiple food-loving Insta influencers.

As you might imagine, transforming Froot Loops from a breakfast cereal into a gummy candy snack doesn't exactly involve reinventing the wheel. The snacks are offered in the same ringed shape and assortment of sweet, fruity goodness that you're already used to, in the same familiar pastel shades of red, orange, green, purple, and blue.

What makes these gummies a little different from their bowl-based counterparts is the presence of a little sour citric acid powder on the outside of each. According to @I_need_a_snack_, that helps to give things a "light sour kick" that should be instantly familiar to any fans of existing gummy candies on the market today.

Froot Loop Gummies
Galerie Candy

While we might be seeing these Froot Loops Gummies now, the bad news is that it'll be quite a while longer before us non-influencers can actually taste them. It sounds like they're slated for a Halloween 2021 release. That seems like as good a time as any to launch a candy, but it's definitely cruel to show off a candy in March that fans can't buy until September or October.

Still, you have to give Kellog's some props for putting these out into the world — and I think we should all be glad they didn't try to turn Raisin Bran into a candy instead.

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