Your Favorite Cereal Is Now a Candy Cane

Do Lucky Charms next!

froot loops candy canes
Photo: Galerie Candy

It's becoming clearer by the day that the usual playbook for celebrating the holidays will be almost entirely thrown out the window in 2020. Travel will be tougher, gifting requires more strategy, and people might only be getting any of your holiday cookies or baking creations through the mail.

If there's any good news, it's that there'll be fewer people around to judge you for your holiday candy choices. So that means nothing and nobody is stopping you from getting a hold of some decidedly non-traditional Froot Loops candy canes that are starting to deck the halls of your local Kroger and online.

According to that product listing from Galerie Candy, these canes are available in the same sort of rainbow shade you've come to expect from Toucan Sam's tropically-tinted cereal with a tenuous at best connection to actual fruit, each of these candy canes is supposedly naturally flavored. That would seem to be a departure from a version of the candy canes supposedly spotted by @JunkFoodMom back in June, which featured a more traditional combination of red, white, green, and brown(?). Perhaps Kellogg's decided that the whole point of a Froot Loops candy cane is something that fits the brand's color scheme.

Hopefully now that the colors seem to match our expectations, these should come with the "delicious Froot Loop flavor" that the Galerie listing mentions. Either way, you'll find that each box contains a dozen of these, enough to dole out multiple colorful candy canes to each member of your household. Maybe you can even make your Christmas morning extra special by dunking these in a bowl of Froot Loops and seeing what happens. For better or worse, it'd probably make for a memorable experience.

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