America's favorite vegetable is in danger.

By Hayley Sugg
December 03, 2019
Getty Images / Aleksandra Piss

Mash them, bake them, or even distill them, potatoes are a miracle vegetable that Americans can't get enough of, especially in the form of French fries. But there soon may be a dreaded day when we run low on our favorite drive-thru side, because North America's potato harvest has been dismal during 2019.

According to Bloomberg, the United States' potato production is down overall by 6.1 percent, and several of Canada's top-producing regions have reported a large amount of frost damage and spuds that cannot be harvested. This is due to a particularly rain- and snow-heavy period during October, which hurt crop growth and prevented many farmers from tending their fields. French fry production especially is affected since longer potatoes are preferred, and a shorter growing time means shorter spuds.

It's estimated that potato costs across North America will increase, though by how much is still unknown. So enjoy your side of fries while you can still afford it. If you're looking to take a break from potatoes, or just want to find a more cost-effective snack, our collection of veggie fries recipes can help you out.

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