You Need to Dress Up Like a Box of Franzia This Halloween

"Sometimes when you love Franzia so much you BECOME Franzia"

Franzie Halloween costumes in Chillable Red and Sunset Blush
This Halloween, go as your favorite boxed wine. . Photo: Franzia

For now-obvious reasons, one would have to think that 2020 will be something of a down year for Halloween costumes. But even if you're stuck sitting at home doing Halloween on Zoom, there's nothing stopping you from getting dressed up to get in the spirit.

And that's no better way to do that than donning a costume depicting what may very well be the main thing you've drunk since March: boxed wine.

Yup, it is possible to dress up as a box of Franzia this Halloween. We're not talking one of those Halloween costumes that has to describe what it was in weird terms specifically designed to circumvent trademarks, either: This is an officially sanctioned Franzia product, available directly from their website. Even better, you can take your pick between Chillable Red and Sunset Blush, or team up with a roommate or significant other to represent both of the popular boxes.

In case you'd rather opt for some Franzia merch you can wear on the other 364/5 days of the year, the good news is that's totally an option as well. Franzia sells a whole line of apparel, including bathing suits decorated with Franzia boxes, and a whole lot of loungewear, which feels incredibly on brand for both Franzia and 2020 as a whole.

In terms of accessories, they'll soon be selling a backpack that lets you bring your Franzia with you wherever you go. Not exactly the most subtle way to drink in public, but it'll get the job done.

If you want to fulfill your dream of actually becoming a box of wine (albeit for one day), you may want to order soon to ensure a successful on-time delivery by Halloween. After all, dressing up as a big box of Chillable Red in November just won't feel as good.

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