Who says you can't have salad for brunch? I started rethinking everybody's favorite weekend meal after reading a thought-provoking post by Joyce Cherrier, one of my fave lifestyle bloggers. She suggested that in a world where breakfast for dinner is a thing, why not turn that notion around and serve standards from the evening meal to start the day? Done!

Here are 4 reasons you should give this idea a go. Bonus: Toss 'em in a jar and you're good to go for breakie at your desk or in the van pool.

Reason #1: You Already Love Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

So obvi, right? This classic has bacon and eggs, plus lots of other flavor-packed ingredients like blue cheese and avocado and tons of chopped romaine. It doesn't seem like it would all work, but the surprising way it does makes it even more memorable. Pro tip: Bake the bacon the night before for quicker prep.

edited cobb salad by Molly
Photo by Molly

Reason #2: It Keeps You Fueled 'Til Lunch

That title is a pretty bold claim, but after reading Alli Shircliff's recipe, the title stands. It goes beyond the traditional kale salad by loading up on healthy beans, carrots, and chopped, hard-cooked eggs. Combine all that with the nutrient super food that is kale and this bowl will keep you powered up at least until lunch time. Pro tip: Make it extra healthy by swapping out the tortilla chips for pepitas, aka roasted pumpkin seeds.

edited best kale salad by alli
Photo by Alli Shircliff

Reason #3: It's a Nutritional Powerhouse

Add tender spinach to this bacon-and-egg combo, and it feels downright healthy. Everyone knows spinach is a nutritional powerhouse packing iron, calcium, and Vitamins A and C, but you'd win the bet if you gambled on this strange factoid: It's also one of the few greens with a bit of protein, too. Pro tip: Serve immediately or risk spinach that goes beyond wilted.

warm spinach salad photo by Dianne
Photo by Dianne

Reason #4: It's Cool and Refreshing

Looking for something ultra-light and refreshing to ease into the day? Its brilliant colors and contrasting textures — creamy avocado, crunchy bell peppers, juicy melon — sound like the makings of a spot-on smoothie. Pro tip: If you don't have mint jelly, use a little honey and double up on the fresh herb in the salad.

spinach and cantaloupe by cchearts to bake
Photo by cc