Do You Love Guac Enough To Marry It?

If you're a true food-lover and getting married, you may ask yourself, How can I make this the ultimate foodie event? There may be one thing you haven't considered: Adding food to the actual ceremony. While no one wants to see the happy couple chewing on a steak while they say their vows, you could make a flavorful twist to the so-called Unity Ceremony. That's what one bride did, bringing love of guacamole to new heights!

What is a Unity Ceremony?

The Unity Ceremony symbolizes how a couple will contribute to a marriage equally. Couples traditionally use a unity candle which they light at the same time from their smaller individual candles. This can also be symbolized with colored sand, which the couple mixes into a very pretty design to use as a keepsake.

Make it a Foodie Unity Ceremony!

A recipe can be symbolic in the same way: After all, you're mixing up the best ingredients for a marriage! A couple on the blog Offbeat Bride did just that, and made guacamole during their ceremony to symbolize their equal partnership. The happy couple took turns adding each ingredient until it was perfect. This probably won't make it into my wedding, but it does sound like a great excuse to snack!

Photo by Michelle Turner Photography.

Looking for more ways to make your wedding stand out? Try a potluck or donut wall!

Make it Your Own

If guacamole isn't your thing, maybe one of these recipes can symbolize your commitment to each other.

Pico de Gallo

Pico De Gallo. Photo by Nanda.

Best Spinach Dip Ever


Seven Layer Taco Dip


Perfect Summer Fruit Salad

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