These food subscription companies are boosting morale and encouraging people to stay home with hunger-busting deliveries.
Snack box delivery
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With a shift in most companies to work from home, there's a good chance you'll be swapping the office break room for your own kitchen, or creating a snack space at your makeshift desk. These food subscription boxes are meeting the needs of hungry employees one box at a time. Take a peek and try not to drool on your keyboard at their offerings.

SnackNation Work-From-Home Wellness Box

With the launch of their new Work-From-Home Wellness Box, SnackNation is taking corporate snacking…home. Curated to help energize, nourish, and inspire remote teams, the company makes it easy to ship snack boxes to remote employees by allowing companies to set their budget, and have employees directly enroll. Additionally, the company is allowing existing members to donate in-office snacks to local food banks in need. To date, members have donated more than 105,000 food items (and counting) to food banks and the company has donated an additional 500,000 snacks to food banks in affected areas.

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Try The World Boxes

It's clear none of us are traveling for the foreseeable future and Try The World food and snack boxes are here to help us. Available in two varieties - Countries and Snacks - boxes are full of flavor from countries around the globe. The Countries box includes items to cook with, drinks and snacks, while the Snacks box is loaded up with - you guessed it - snacks to munch on from various countries. The company partners with small, family-owned artisans when possible and frequently includes tips, recipes, and anecdotes to make each unique box a trek around the world...without ever leaving home.

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Gatherer's Gourmet Granola

No need to forgo a healthy fix with the help of Gatherer's Gourmet Granola, a family business that went from farmer's market to mainstream. Available in four, six and eight bag subscription plans, consumers can choose flavors each month that range from a hearty blend called Bee's Knees, which includes honey, pistachios, and walnuts, to sweeter mixes like Badger's Best, featuring coconut, dark chocolate and quinoa. Sick of a flavor combo? Just make sure you swap it out before the next delivery.

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Salt & Straw Pint Club

Cases of ice cream showing up on the doorstep of your new home office doesn't sound like a bad option. Salt & Straw offers 'Pints Club' subscriptions where five-packs of ice cream are delivered each month for a period of three, six, or twelve months. Flavors are determined by three options - 'Monthly', which includes the brand's rotating menu, 'Best Sellers', featuring classic flavors, or 'Keep It A Surprise', an ever-changing roster.

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Candy Club

Working from home never tasted so sweet. Bring the candy store to your (home) office door with Candy Club, a monthly candy delivery service. Boxes are created based on a "Candy Profile" for people who enjoy mostly sweet or mostly sour candy with memberships of one, three, and six months. Choose from a variety of candy - think sour gummy octopus to cupcake bites - and have it delivered one to three business days after ordering.

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