20 Corny Food Jokes That Are Egg-squisite

Serve up laughs and smiles (and maybe a few groans) at the dinner table with this list of family-friendly food jokes.

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Each of these laugh-inducing food jokes is created by Jessica Delfino, a New York City-based comedian and writer who's the author of Dumb Jokes for Smart Folks.

What do British people call chips?

Bloody delicious, mate!

How do you poach an egg?

You just take it when the chicken isn't looking

What does a popsicle call its grandfather?

Ice pop pop

What does Jewish bread do when it wants to get someone's attention?

It gives a loud challah

What kind of cheese is an amazing guitar player?

Shredded cheddar

What did the baby bean say to the bigger bean?

Are you my fava?

How did the seed impress the others?

It flaxed its muscles

Which vegetable is always trying to close a deal?


What fruit has its own military, and what is it called?

The apple core

What story does the mother cheese wheel tell the baby bellas before bed?

The story of The Velveeta Rabbit

How does yeast go to sleep?

It rolls into bready bye

Why are chicken's jams always so good?

They use pectin

Did you hear about the baker who made savory brownies?

He was worth his salt

What food can walk the furthest?


Why does everyone always love portobello?

Because it's a fungi

What is the smartest nut?


What vegetable thinks it's a chicken?

Bok choy

What did the seaweed that got stuck in the boat's motor say?

Kelp me!

Why did the stone fruit stay home?

It was plum too tired to go out

What was the name of potato's preferred search engine?

Ask Chives

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