By Jen Harwell

Give your fur babies a happy holiday.

Our pets are part of the family, right? This holiday, spoil them a little with special homemade dog and cat treats made with ingredients you trust.

Dog Treats I packaged in bags for the holidays
Pictured: Dog Treats I | Photo by FoodFan

For Good Doggos

Reviewers have found many ways to vary this recipe, but they all agree their dogs love it. Change the flavor by using chicken or beef bouillon, or omit the cheese and bouillon and add a cup of peanut butter.

Tip from Terminatrix: Omit cornmeal, which is a common allergen for dogs, and use some extra oats and whole wheat flour instead.

Dog treats in a bowl
Photo by Tammy de la Barcelona

"My dog Jackson loved these," say SusannahLocketti. "He is an older mini Daschund and despite having few teeth, he was able to eat these just fine. If you have kids, make these with them and bring the kids down to the local animal shelter to donate them. Shelters loved to be remembered this time of year and your kids will remember the act of kindness for years to come!"

Tip from the recipe submitter TheBritishBaker: These dog biscuits require the use of wheat flour — which some dogs are sensitive to. It's so easy to modify this recipe, simply substitute one cup of wheat flour for 1-1/4 cup of rye or oat flour or ¾ cup of rice, barley, or potato flour.

homemade dog biscuits in gift jars
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

"The dogs loved these!" raves Amber. "I looked up every ingredient to make sure they were safe for dogs, and sure enough, they were."

Purrfect for the Cat

It takes just two simple ingredients to make catnip-laced cat food treats for your feline friend.

Treats the Dog and Cat Can Share

Pet treats made with baby food? Yup, you heard that right. Make sure the baby food you use (or broth) does not have onion or garlic in the list of ingredients.

homemade cat or dog treats
Photo by Nancy Roy

DISCLAIMER: These treats are only suggestions. There is no guarantee that your pet will like them, or that the treats follow the special dietary needs of your pet. Please consult with your pet's veterinarian before making changes to their diet. Keep treats in a sealed container in the refrigerator to ensure they stay fresh!